CX Orlando Commences COVID-19 Audits

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CX Orlando Commences COVID-19 Audits

Program Ensures Franchisees are not Creating Corporate Liability

Orlando, April 27, 2020 — CX Orlando Research and Revenue Architects, a leading international provider of customer experience and compliance services to multiple industries, has launched a national series of mystery shops and audits to ensure businesses are following governmental or brand-specific COVID-19 related safety protocols in each business location.

“Now more than ever it is difficult for a company to monitor compliance with mandates and guidelines put in place to protect employees and guests,” explained CX Orlando Vice President and General Manager, Dan Bradley. “We have a covert mystery shop program to report on compliance as well as a standard reveal audit to do the same, in order to alleviate potential health issues which may result in local fines or consumer lawsuits”.

CX Orlando has been running the programs for a series of clients in the month of April with great results.

“We have found employees not wearing gloves or masks, as are the current brand standards mandates for several companies, in addition to not placing required signage or following other currently required processes”, continued Bradley. “As a supplement to the reports themselves, we also provide photos or videos upon request as a part of our services”.

Programs require little financial investment and can be launched within days. CX Orlando can include some of its usual customer experience measurements as well as part of each evaluation.

“One client summed it up perfectly – ‘It is such a small investment for us to mitigate legal risk and retain overall peace of mind during these unusual times. We are very satisfied with the reporting and the opportunity for us to fix issues before they become disastrous’. I think we’ve made a friend for life with that chain of restaurants and many of our other new clients through this program.”

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